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[25 May 2010] Second study visit in Norway done by ASTRA Museum specialists

A team composed of 2 restorers in polychrome wood, 1 textile restorer, 1 painting restorer, 1 monuments conservator, 1 object conservator and 1 project assistant from Astra Museum realized a study visit for know-how exchange in the field of restoration and conservation within the Conservation and restoration of Ethnographic Heritage in the Open air museum – Dumbrava Sibiului project, between 18 – 23 May 2010.

ASTRA Museum specialists in painting, ceramics, textile and wood restoration learnt from the advanced conservation techniques in Norway by visiting the specialized laboratories of Museum of Cultural History - Oslo, Norsk Folkemuseum - Oslo, Maihaugen Museum - Lillehammer, Lands Museum - Dokka, where they had the chance to debate on common interest subjects with the local professionals.

The team improved their know-how and on their return they were able to make improvement recommendations regarding the general procedures on heritage objects, treatment and intervention techniques on objects and also on tested materials for the interventions on heritage objects, tools and equipment used with success in such operations. A comparison was also drawn between the procedures employed in Norway and those employed in ASTRA laboratories. This is viewed as a positive result of the study visit from the point of view of the input they produced with regard to the optimization procedures. Moreover all the colleagues who work in the laboratories took advantage of this study visit through the subsequent dissemination of the information acquired abroad by sharing it in open discussions.


This program means both a know-how exchange between the labs in both countries to their reciprocal benefit as well as additional activities to the project which could be realized by taking into consideration the professional contacts already formed in the study visit.



[July 7, 2010] A new study visit to the open air museums in Norway

[May 25 2010] Second study visit in Norway done by ASTRA Museum specialists

[May 17 2010] First inauguration of an ethnographic monument rebuilt within the project

[April 19, 2010] Project monitoring visit

[March 31, 2010] Astra Museum elaborated a report of the first implementation year of the project with EEA financing.

[March 15, 2010] Public acquisition procedures for the specialized equipments for Astra Centre for Heritage

[February 26, 2010] A CNM ASTRA delegation undertook a study visit to several museums in Norway during 15th – 21st of February.

[February 1st, 2010] The reconstruction of the four ethnographic monuments which has started during the first year of the project implementation is being brought to an end.

[September 10, 2009] ASTRA National Museum Complex and Sibiu City Council have the pleasure to invite you on Friday, September 11, at 13:00 o`clock, Habitus Cultural Centre (4, Piata Mica) to the official presentation of the project of ASTRA Centre for Heritage

[September 1, 2009] ASTRA Centre for Heritage construction has begun

[July 9, 2009] Public tender for building of ASTRA Centre for Heritage