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A CNM ASTRA delegation undertook a study visit to several museums in Norway during 15th  – 21st of February.


The main aim of this exchange of experience trip was not to focus on the aspect of giving value to the heritage but rather on the endowment list improvement for Astra Centre for Heritage which is being built in the Open Air Museum. During a four –day stay Astra representatives took part both in guided tours as well as in meetings with the employees and with the members from the management board of a number of six museums in Norway through which an important exchange of information and know-how was created. The itinerary included The Museum Centre of Hordaland / MiH, The Univeristy Museum of Bergen, The Cultural History Museum of Oslo, Norsk Folkemuseum of Oslo, Maihaugen Open Air Museum from Lillehammer including NHU/Norwegian Crafts Development, and Sandefjord MuVE/Komma Consolidated Museum.
Thus , the storage facilities for the heritage and the conservation and restoration laboratories were visited and the equipments which facilitate the implementation of the most up-to-date techniques and methods of treatment were presented to them together with the object collections` active and preventive conservation methods, the digitization systems of documentation, the heritage archiving and inventory systems, the x-ray machines, the photo studios, the pieces of furniture  adequate to the type of performed activity and other types of storage pieces of furniture whose utility is specific to the type of material which is storaged there (textiles, painting, ceramics etc)
This visit is but a first attempt in so far as the endowment of the future storage facilities and laboratories of the Astra Centre from Sibiu is concerned as well as with regard to the knowledge development and good practice in the field. Other visits of thoroughgoing study and of bilateral relationship strengthening will be done during this year which will include Randesfjord Lands Museum of Dokka region, Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum of Trondheim and Roros world heritage site.

[7 iulie 2010] O noua vizita de studiu la muzeele din aer liber din Norvegia

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[26 februarie 2010] In perioada 15 – 21 februarie, o delegatie a CNM ASTRA a intreprins o vizita de studiu la muzee din Norvegia.

[1 februarie 2010] Cele patru monumente etnografice a caror reconstructie a inceput in primul an al derularii proiectului se apropie de finalizare.

[10 sept 2009] CNM ASTRA si CJ Sibiu au placerea sa va invite sa participati vineri, 11 septembrie, la orele 13:00, la Centrul Cultural Habitus (Piaţa Mică nr. 4, subsol Biserica Romano - Catolică) la prezentarea oficială a proiectului

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