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SINTEF Building and Infrastructure - the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research of the Norwegian Institute for Technology - has its main quarters in Trondheim. In the field of cultural heritage management, SINTEF began in the spring of 2002 a vast research program on wood.

ASTRA Museum decided to select a Norwegian partner based on criteria such as experience, know how, availability and networking connections. Thus, ASTRA decided to train its own staff involved in conservation - restoration activities and to implement a modern, innovative approach in putting to good account the wooden ethnographic architecture.

For the Museum, the specific objective of the partnership consists of know-how transfer through a workshop - theory and hands-on - having as theme the modern / vs. / traditional wood conservation methods. Within this partnership program, SINTEF specialists will hold a 3 days seminar in the Open Air Museum through which they could operate the know-how transfer and draft a Good Practice Guide in preserving wooden architecture and artifacts, based on their own experience. Due to be organized in the autumn of 2010, the workshop is preceded by study visits made by SINTEF representatives in ASTRA Open Air Museum and by ASTRA specialists to peer Norwegian Museums.

[July 7, 2010] A new study visit to the open air museums in Norway

[May 25 2010] Second study visit in Norway done by ASTRA Museum specialists

[May 17 2010] First inauguration of an ethnographic monument rebuilt within the project

[April 19, 2010] Project monitoring visit

[March 31, 2010] Astra Museum elaborated a report of the first implementation year of the project with EEA financing.

[March 15, 2010] Public acquisition procedures for the specialized equipments for Astra Centre for Heritage

[February 26, 2010] A CNM ASTRA delegation undertook a study visit to several museums in Norway during 15th – 21st of February.

[February 1st, 2010] The reconstruction of the four ethnographic monuments which has started during the first year of the project implementation is being brought to an end.

[September 10, 2009] ASTRA National Museum Complex and Sibiu City Council have the pleasure to invite you on Friday, September 11, at 13:00 o`clock, Habitus Cultural Centre (4, Piata Mica) to the official presentation of the project of ASTRA Centre for Heritage

[September 1, 2009] ASTRA Centre for Heritage construction has begun

[July 9, 2009] Public tender for building of ASTRA Centre for Heritage