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The construction of the Center provides the chance to safeguard the heritage values of ASTRA Open Air Museum from potential irreversible degradation. The actual situation does not provide proper conditions for storage and conservation. Thus, the Center will consist, within the premises of a natural environment that is rather non adequate for heritage protection, of a multifunctional facility designed at international standards, with maximum energy efficiency and controlled microclimate.

Work constructions started in first half of September 2009. The Center will include - within 1878 sqm - storage places, restoration laboratories supplied with state of the art endowments and the resource and training center for Romanian conservers and restorers (CePCoR).

ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization will benefit of the laboratories` activity which covers restoration and conservation of materials such as: ceramics, textiles, polychrome wood, metal, leather, chemical investigations. The high-end endowments will provide best conditions for active and preventive conservation of the museum`s ethnographic collections, and the Centre for Conservators and Restorers Training will include desk study areas and an 80 seats lectures hall.

The Centre is being built by Con-A company from Sibiu, the winner of the public tender, and is due to be finalized, according to schedule, by August 31st, 2010.